A bold new way of tackling homelessness in a world that has gone cashless

59% of Americans

No longer carry cash on a regular basis, and and 1/6 americans never carry cash.

552,830 people

People experiencing homelessness in the US in 2018. MA is the 6th highest state for homeless population numbers.

160,000 children and youth

experience homelessness each year, and over 216,000 women and girls as well.

Our Mission

We're a nonprofit organization giving specialized debit cards, digital donation systems and revolutionary financial planning to our homeless community.


To financially empower our homeless communities

To direct individuals on a path towards independence and permanent housing

To destigmatize homelessness

To advocate for policy changes that treat homelessness as societal problem, not an individual's

Core Values







To move hundreds of individuals into permanent housing and financial independence by 2025.

To mobilize millions of dollars in donations of good faith by 2023.

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