Here to give hope

Founding Team

Team Member Lurein

Lurein Perera


Lurein is a veteran entrepreneur and comes from a heavy engineering background. His catch-phrase is 'Huge News' and he hails from Blantyre, Malawi. GiveCard started in his dorm.

Diksha Thach


Diksha is a firm believer that by providing hope to those that feel hopeless, we can all make a difference in this world. She's a native of Medfield, MA.

Everyone That Got Us Here

Team member Anna

Anna Peterson

Web Development

Anna is from Minneapolis, MN and loves anything technology related. She has loved the challenge of utilizing technology to help the public good, especially with the homeless.

Alex Janke

Media & Branding

Alex is from Annapolis, Maryland and handles anything creative at GiveCard! Alex is a visionary when it comes to design, and runs our team-building.

Andrew Bailard


Andrew's big warm smile is topped only by his obsession with orchards. He's lovingly referred to as GiveCard's Golden Retriever. Home for Andrew is San Francisco, CA.

Sofia Pedro


Sofia's grand vision and sharp thinking is integral to our progress and in having a greater impact. She's our star dancer and comes to us from Lexington, MA.

Amanda Bris


Amanda has triple citizenship: Spain, Switzerland and the USA. She's passionate about GiveCard because of how empowering it is to the homeless population.

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Natalie Dryja


Nat is from Ellicott City, Maryland. She is passionate about climate change and how it exacerbates the problem of economic inequality.

Zier Wang

Logistics & Diversity and Inclusion

Zier's research and number crunching was integral to the foundation of our platform. He's from Shanghai, China and is fighting to give everyone equal opportunities.

Paiton Marshall


Paiton is passionate about everything GiveCard: the people, the innovation, the creativity, and the finances. She has a big heart and the ability to put dreams of the team into action. Home base is Needham, MA.

Will Peters

Project Leader

Will joins us from Nashville, TN and is a strong believer that innovation and enthusiasm are critical in using modern solutions to solve societal problems, such as homelessness. When not bringing that energy to GiveCard, you can find him on the trails and roads running, cycling or hiking!

Team Member Windsor

Windsor Niermeyer


Windsor is an investment guru, loves all things ending in 'capital' and supplies all our team meetings with his stories. He's from Columbus, Ohio.