Swimming Holes - Vermont’s Past Time

The concept of swimming holes might be unfamiliar to some, but in Vermont, they are a cherished part of the culture and a perfect way to beat the heat on a warm summer day. These enchanting pools of water can be found throughout the state, and some of the most picturesque ones are located right in Rutland's vicinity. Instead of opting for the ocean, pond, or lake, adventurers in Vermont seek out winding rivers amidst the green mountains, where the water forms inviting pools to take a refreshing dip.

One such gem is Buttermilk Falls, situated in Ludlow, Vermont, just a 30-minute drive from your Dryfter house. This highly-rated swimming hole offers two pools, an upper and middle falls, providing a family-friendly and enjoyable swimming area. On particularly hot days, you can even set up your camp chair in the shallow water, allowing you to relax with your favorite book and a cool drink in hand. It's no wonder that Vermonters' love for swimming holes rivals their affection for maple creamees!

So, as you prepare for your next Dryfter stay, be sure to pack your swim trunks, as you won't want to miss out on enjoying one of the many activities this beautiful part of the state has to offer."