July 20th • by Will Peters

Will: Meet the Team Mondays

Will: Meet the Team Mondays

Hi, I’m Will. I grew up in Nashville, Tennessee as one of 6 kids in a big, loud family. I love to spend my time outdoors running, cycling and exploring parks of all sizes, from small neighborhood parks, to national parks. I left the southeastern United States when I left home for Boston College and found myself in a part of the country that was completely new to me, which I have grown to love.

In addition to the cultural and climate shifts that I experienced when moving to college in Boston, I also came to be exposed to a variety of experiences and realities that I had never come in close contact with at home. While taking a summer PULSE course through BC after my freshman year, I spent six weeks serving food at St. Francis House in downtown Boston and assisting with care navigation at the East Boston Neighborhood Health Clinic. In those two environments, I was directly exposed to the experience of homeless and underrepresented individuals in Boston. Growing up in the outskirts of the Nashville city limits, I was not regularly exposed to such striking social challenges. So, for me, that summer experience was eye-opening and perspective-shaping.

I joined GiveCard in May 2020 as a project leader and web developer on a new project that the team is working on. In my role, I work with other team members, as well as representatives from homeless shelters in Boston, to develop a digitized case management system for shelters. We are hopeful that this tool might grow beyond just homeless shelters and might extend to other metropolitan areas as well!

Why GiveCard?

I wanted to start work with GiveCard this summer after seeing the inspirational work and progress that the team was making within the world of homelessness. In joining the team, my goal has become to leverage the power of technology and the innovative creativity of this team to make real, lasting impacts in the lives of homeless individuals and many others. I am driven by the desire to make actionable changes in the community.

For me, joining GiveCard represents an opportunity to take personal responsibility for the change I want to see made in society. With GiveCard, I want to give everything I have in my head and in my heart to help the fight for equal opportunity for all and the fight against homelessness. So let’s go!